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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Belafonte introduces Dylan

Harry Belafonte was a big star in the late 50's/early 60's.  He introduced calypso and Carribean Folk to the masses.  He championed liberal causes throughout his carrer.

Belafonte was very popular in liberal households.  Anecdotal evidence from friends with liberal parents whose collections ended up with me.  I also tend to judge the deceased at estate sales.  Seeing some Belafonte in the stacks of LP's tells me a lot.  The album below was once owned by Babette Oppenheimer.

I present his album The Midnight Special (RCA 1962).

Not sure what the cover image is trying to convey.  His posing in front of that light makes the whole thing look like the ace of spades.  Is he making some sort of comment on racism by having it be the color of hearts or diamonds.

One thing this album is noted for - The first recorded appearance of Bob Dylan.  This was released before his first album.

So thank you Harry, for doing the right thing, for popularizing Calypso music in the USA, for your activism for racial equality, and for giving Dylan some session money so he could buy a new coat.