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Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Put Cork On It - Part 2

In The Previous Episode on this Subject,   I showed how to make a cork turntable mat out of cork sheets from a craft store.  Since my artistic skills are Neanderthal at best, the end result was a bit off from a perfect circle.  It looked OK in a static position, but looked like a loose wheel when spinning.

After a while of doing it that way I went to plan B:

At a local home improvement store they had 12" circular cork mats to place under plants.  Cost was around $3.   I simply took an Eagles album, clamped the cork to the record (being careful not to damage the cork), took my drill and drilled through the spindle hole.  

The result is a pretty spiffy looking and functional mat.

Link to the old way:   The Previous Episode on this Subject