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Why should I care what this guy has to say?

The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Develop your own. I try to be sane and rational, but that may change with the level of caffeine intake. I’m just telling my stories in the hopes they may amuse and/or inform others. And... I Confess... I'm showing off my bitchen collection a bit.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Prima Time!

Gotta love the Prima!.  Very exciting stuff that must have been a gas to hear live.  He performed with Sam Butera and the Witnesses.   In the band was his wife, Keely Smith.  

She was a good singer who occasionally had a film role here or there.  Most notably in Robert Mitchum's 'Thunder Road'.  You can refer to it as a Mitchum film because he wrote it, produced it,  starred in it, wrote the title song, performed the title song, and fathered the main supporting actor.

David Lee Roth thought he could do Prima with Just a Gigolo.  I don't think anyone who's heard the original would think so.

Strickly Prima

A thrift store find

Call of the Wildest

Another thrift store find.  He must have loved that sweater, because it appears in both album covers.