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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Moby Grape - Pull My Finger

When releases go from a local independent label to the majors, there sometimes are adjustments to appease sensitive stockholders and mainstream retailers.

Moby Grape released their first album on the independent San Francisco Sound label in 1967.

The cover of that release is depicted below.

Once the San Francisco scene began to take off after the initial success of Jefferson Airplane and Monterrey Pop, all the majors wanted a piece of the pie.  Columbia's acquisition (along with Big Brother & the Holding Company and It's a Beautiful Day) was Moby Grape.

Ever sensitive to Mid-America retailers, they saw fit to airbrush out the offending middle digit protruding over the washboard.

In true Highlights Magazine fashion, see if you can spot the other change.  (answer below)

The back cover was not immune to senseless changes.   Aside from the usual branding change to Columbia, they decided to somehow show the brand of drums being used.

Magically suspended over the bass drum - which has no cover by the way - are the words 'Rogers'

Answer:  No, I'm not referring to the cropped picture and the addition of song titles.  For some reason, Columbia decided to change the color of the flag from red to black.

And yes, I have the full color poster with the Columbia release.  It doesn't have the finger.