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Friday, October 20, 2017

Bryan Ferry - This Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Been the Sixth Roxy Music Album

In 1976, Roxy Music went on hiatus.   Up until that point, each LP was subtitled 'The xth Roxy Music Album'     1975's Siren was billed as 'The Fifth Roxy Music Album.'

Bryan Ferry went on to release his first solo LP to contain all original material.    Up until this point, his solo albums consisted solely of cover versions.

Bryan Ferry - In Your Mind (Polydor 1977)

In my humble opinion, this is a great record.  Players include many of the members of Roxy Music.  In the last few weeks, in anticipation of seeing two shows by Ferry, I found myself returning to this one a few times.   This should have been 'The Sixth Roxy Music Album'   If that were the case it would be held in higher regard today.

Photo of Bryan replaced the retro cheesecake models that adorned the typical Roxy Music covers.

And we get the use of typewriter font throughout  Even on the label.

Ferry released one more solo album - The Bride Stripped Bare - before Roxy Music reconvened in 1979 with Manifesto.

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