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Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Shameless Plug - Ronsonol

Those pesky stickers.  You see them on used record covers.  Sometimes on the labels.  You try peeling them off, you try soaking them. You want them gone.  You don't want to damage the cover or label.  What to do?  

Here's a great hack.  Use lighter fluid.  Moisten the sticker with some lighter fluid and Q-Tip and it comes right off.  Many a record in my collection had 'Lovell's $1.99' stuck on the labels.  I  take them off with Ronsonol.

For some reason, stickers and writing on the cover don't bother me.  It gives a sense of where the record has been along with some contextual history.   It bothers me to no end, however, to see stickers on the labels.   I like to watch a clean era appropriate label spinning while I Google the address of the previous owner.

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