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Why should I care what this guy has to say?

The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Develop your own. I try to be sane and rational, but that may change with the level of caffeine intake. I’m just telling my stories in the hopes they may amuse and/or inform others. And... I Confess... I'm showing off my bitchen collection a bit.

Friday, June 28, 2019

After Dinner Music

Ginger Man just took his sweet date out to a nice dinner.  What next?

She wants to put on the appropriate record, have coffee and talk in their nice clothes.  He, on the other hand, has something else in mind.  Judging by the attire, they just went out somewhere very expensive.   Ginger Man is not interested in coffee.  Coffee is placed aside. He's more interested in the cookie in hand as he manspreads on the couch next to her.

In his eyes, he's thinking something more along the lines of this....

Ah - the sensuous strings and orchestra of Dolf van der Linden.  I don't know German.  I would translate 'Ongetrouwd Man Kamer!' as something like 'Come and Get it Tiger!'

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