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Sunday, September 13, 2015

B-52's Mesopotamia

The world's greatest party band.  Few bands had the sheer sense of joy of the B-52's.  By 1981, the band had already released two albums which were drawn largely from their live set developed over the prior few years.  Now they were due to make a third album with new material.  They were convinced to bring in an outside producer.  David Byrne was chosen and we get.,,,,,

The B-52's - Mesopotamia (Warner Brothers 1981)

Byrne was a good choice.  The band knew him well as they toured with the Talking Heads extensively a few years before.  He brought in outside musicians to flesh out the sound.  Most of them were from the Talking Heads 'Not Making Sense' touring band.  

The sessions ended early.  Byrne was taking too long.  The record company (always with great art in mind) needed product.  The end result was an EP.   One of my favorite items from the band, but one can't help but wonder what could have been.

The record came in one of those ridiculous Warner Brothers bag inner sleeves, but it did carry a special label for class.

Their career hit the skids after this release.  It would be a few years before they had a major comeback with 'Love Shack.'

I saw them when they toured with this album (see concert ad below - $10).  I'm scheduled to see them tonight, September 13, 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl ($100).  I hope to Dance This Mess Around......