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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Can You Survive a Shangri-Las Song?

The Shangri-Las were the bad girls of the girl group scene.  They hung out with toughs, defied their parents, wore leather and had thick New York/bad girl accents.  This made them my favorite girl group of the era.

They were best known for their bad girl lust for a bad guy epic The Leader of the Pack.  .

Not many people they sing about survive.

The Leader of the Pack perished in a motorcycle accident.
The Give Us Your Blessing kids died in a car crash.
The mom in I Can Never Go Home Anymore died when the kids ran away to get married.
etc, etc.

There entire recorded output left a string of unfortunate 'accidents' throughout the five boroughs

In this single, Long Live Our Love, the singer is praying that her soldier boy comes home from the war unscathed.   The odds are not good.

A previous owner of this record wrote 'Our Song - Terry + Kerry' on the label.  I hope he's OK.