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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Record Store Day Black Friday 2015 List

For those of you dear readers outside the USA who may be unaware.....

The Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday is what's known as Black Friday.  This is not as evil as it sounds.  It's traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year.  The day that retailers go from being 'in the red' to being 'in the black.'   To ensure the most foot traffic in their stores, major retailers offer extreme limited bargains.  Competition has become fierce.  Retailers open their doors earlier and earlier each year.  It got to the point where stores now open on Thanksgiving evening.

There's been quite a backlash against this practice.  One local camping chain announced this year that they wouldn't even open on Black Friday at all,  Instead they're giving their employees the day off and encouraging them to go outside.

Record Store Day began offering up a special release day to be part of the madness.   The special releases aren't nearly as impressive as the regular record store day that happens in April

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This year's list is out.  Meh I say.   Nothing on it that would make me want to leave the house.    Looking forward to a day with a fire in the fireplace surrounded by family and leftovers.   If you're inclined to spent your Black Friday in a line.   See the following link for the list.

Record Store Day Black Friday 2015 List