What's All This Then

Why should I care what this guy has to say?

The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Develop your own. I try to be sane and rational, but that may change with the level of caffeine intake. I’m just telling my stories in the hopes they may amuse and/or inform others. And... I Confess... I'm showing off my bitchen collection a bit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Rack o' Records

Shoved into the back corner of the upstairs of my house, lies the music room.  This is my home office, man cave, playground and vinyl storage room.   

The shelving is from Per Madsen design.  Sadly (for me at least) he retired.   He made a good product.   Each cube is modular and stacks nice and sturdy.  The drawers you see house my 45's.  I need to get some more of those drawers as many additional 45's are stored in that black box in the center and the white boxes you see on the left.

On the right is my upstairs 'B' system supporting one of my trusty Technics SL-D2's.   A low wattage Kenwood amp drives some Sony bookshelf speakers.  Not as nice as the downstairs system, but it does the trick in the small room.

At last count there were about 4,000 LP's.  Sometimes my kids will have sleepovers and sprawl on the floor watching TV.  They are advised in advance:  "If there's an earthquake, run!"