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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince - Batman in Four Colors (Three of Them Not Purple)

In 1989 Prince got the gig to provide the soundtrack to the Tim Burton film 'Batman.'   Originally the plan was to use existing Prince songs from the Warner Brothers catalog.  Prince being Prince wrote and recorded a full albums worth of tracks in a few weeks for use in the film.

Naturally there were singles released in picture sleeves.  The prolific Prince usually had so many songs in the coffer that we more often than not get B-Sides that weren't included on the album.

Here are the ones from Batman.    

Batdance b/w 200 Balloons (Warner Brothers 1989)

The lead off single depicting the standard color batman/film logo.

Partyman b/w Feel U Up (Warner Brothers 1989)

Yellow this time out.

The Arms of Orion b/w I Love U in Me  (Warner Brothers 1989)

Purple this time out.

Scandalous! b/w When 2 R In Love (Warner Brothers 1989)

Now we get red.  The B-Side is taken from the previous album.  Just bought this one for the picture sleeve.

I got these as they came out. At the time I lived walking distance from two record stores which stocked 45's.  I was usually in there at least twice a week.  I've always been a big fan of 45's - especially the ones with picture sleeves.   Since they were about $1.50 a pop, I got a lot of them.  They'd go directly from the store into a plastic sleeve -which is why you see these 25 year old covers in great condition.