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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Put a Straw Under Baby

Put a straw under baby.....

I recently found this seemingly innocent and darling record at a thrift store.  On second glance, I found it quite shocking.....

First off, that baby looks somewhat terrified and sleep deprived.  For someone so young to have bags under their eyes tells us this is not a rare ocurrance.

I live in California and have always put the kabosh on hanging things over beds.  This picture is way over the top.  Let's itemize (and possibly take a wager) on what will land on baby's head first.
  1. A nice soft suffocating stocking cap
  2. A copper jello mold thing
  3. A metal model steam engine
  4. A pair of old shoes
  5. What looks to be an iron pencil sharpener or hamburger grinder
  6. Huge metal keys
  7. An oboe!
No wonder baby is terrified.  The whole rack could come tumbling down at any moment with something as innocent as a door slam or the cocktail party getting out of hand in other rooms of the house.

This is an RCA 'New Orthophonic' recording.  Baby will need an orthopedic surgeon if that hamburger grinder falls on it's legs.  I guess that's appropriate.

Personally, I think the oboe will fall first.  Or perhaps all of the above if the entire rack falls.  Care to wager?