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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Berkeley Record Shopping Adventure

I had the pleasure of visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend.  As usual, I visited Rasputin's in Berkeley.

I got to the Telegraph Avenue area of town before the store opens.  Upon exiting der Uber, I was greeted by a denizen of the street.  He shouted at me that I was all that was wrong with the world.  He smashed bottles on the sidewalk.  He kicked the metal grates that protect the precious records inside of Amoeba from people like him.  He smelled.  His 'area' gave clues it was the maid's day off.

The homeless panhandling teens with their dogs were staring.  The hippie trinket vendors were aghast.  I just kept on walking.

Welcome to Berkeley!

I was going to take a photo for this blog, but I couldn't find the right moment for a 'spy' photo.

Here's a borrowed one from The Internets of the local color.

Rasputin has moved their vinyl across the street and has renamed the place 'The Mad Monk Center for Anachronistic Media.'  It's still the same old Rasputin.  Except their basement is now the main floor.  It's on the corner of Telegraph and Haste.  It's been declared a drug fee zone - but if you've ever been to the area you know the zone was probably just the few inches around the pole.

I spent about an hour there and scored a few great titles.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Lick My Decals Off, Baby (original pressing on Straight Records).

The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums a Go Go.  (an early Paul Buff production featuring and uncredited Teenage Frank Zappa)

And a few other gems as well.

After about an hour at Rasputin, I went over to Amoeba and was underwhelmed as usual.  It's not their fault. I just never seem to have that magic convergence of price, desire and whim that causes me to make a purchase.

I'll be back.