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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Do the Oz with John and Yoko

In the early '70's, the English underground magazine Oz was on trial for obscenity.   As was the case with most of the prosecutions of radicals, it was more a form of harassment for political views than it was related to the charges levied.  

At the same time, the Lennon/Ono camp was at the height of their radical period.   To help out the Oz magazine staff, they offered up a song with the proceeds going to the magazine's defense fund.

The Elastic Oz Band - God Save Us b/w Do The Oz (Apple 1972)

Lennon submitted a demo.   He didn't want to sing on the final release as it would have competed with his recently released 'Power to the People' single.  Bill Ellliot, from the Splinter Group was recruited.

The people on the cover are Oz magazine staffers.

The B - Side is a loose jam featuring a Lennon vocal.

The single did not chart on either side of the Atlantic.   At the time I bought it, copies were hard to find.   It seems to be more plentiful now.