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Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Year's Model

In 1978, Punk and 'New Wave' were the next big thing for the music industry.  In early February of that year, The Sex Pistols were due to appear on Saturday Night Live.  Visa problems caused a last minute cancellation.  Elvis Costello was the last minute replacement.

His debut album, My Aim Is True, was just released in America.  It had been out in the UK for some time.

On the show, he launches into the rehearsed Less Than Zero.  A few bars into the song, he stops and says the band has no business playing that one, and launches into his new UK single Radio Radio.

The effect was stunning for live television and won me over as a fan.  Here was somebody who infuriated the reigning counter culture show  by being counter to the counter culture.  Google the clip, it's easily found.

Shortly after that appearance, Elvis' second album was released in the UK.

Elvis Costello - This Years Model (Radar 1978)

(excuse the shrink wrap.  I never did take it off and now it's kind of stuck)

The cover concept shows what could go wrong with mass produced covers.  We're slightly off center with the color bars clearly visible on the right hand side.  The first letter of the artist and the title are wrapped around the back.

The writing that would normally appear on the spine is about an inch in on the back.  This isn't 'good on the side' (a long promised post on this topic will probably appear at some time in the future).

In addition, the first UK pressings included a 45 of Elvis and band running through The Damned's Neat Neat Neat.

A few months later, This Year's Model was released in the USA.  Delayed so Columbia could still work the first album.

Elvis Costello - This Year's Model (Columbia 1978)

Gone is the intentionally misprinted sleeve.  We get a different photo composed slightly to the right.

The rear photo is different as well.

Songs on side two changed a bit.  Gone are (I Don't Want to Go To) Chelsea and Night Rally.  In their stead, we get Radio Radio.  This would be the very same track that got him banned from Saturday Night Live for much of the '80's.

In an interesting twist, the familiar 'Columbia' on their ugly label was changed to 'Costello'

At least the inner sleeves remained the same between both releases.  One side features a photo of the infamous Saturday Night Live appearance.

According to Wikipedia (so it's gotta be true), Elvis asked the cover photographer to play The Eagles during the shoot so he could appear pissed off.  A man after my own heart.