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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Soundsations Near LAX

I found myself in Mishiwaka, Indiana for Record Store Day Black Friday this year.  I managed to snag a few titles there, but came up short on my want list - most notably some Kinks EP's.

I had an early flight home.  My family was on a later flight due to wacky airline pricing and mile redemption.   I landed, had enough time to go home, get the dog out of storage and return to pick up my loved ones.   As I always do when picking someone up at LAX, I wait for their call at Soundsations Records in Westchester. 

It's closer to the terminals than the 'cell phone lot.'  You can see the control tower in the background on the above photo.  When I get the 'we've landed' text, I'll wrap up my purchase.  By the time I get to the terminal, my family is at the curb.

This year, I passed through the day after Black Friday.  I was able to get the two Kinks EP's I was unable to snag in Mishiwaka - along with a few other titles from their used bins.

I especially like the mannequin wearing a suit made of real 45's.

This upcoming Record Store Day I will be in New Orleans on business.  If there are any recommendations on RSD in that city, please feel free.

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