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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Before the Internet, Politicians Had to Give Away Things to Get the Housewife Vote

I pine for the days when politicians gave out pot holders, kitchen towels and other useful gadgets to get out the vote.  I still have a pot holder or two.  Growing up, we'd occasionally have competing potholders.  I always judged the best candidate by the best swag.   I still do that in my line of work with software vendors.

Now all we get is email bombardments and unwanted robo-calls.  At least with a trinket, you could throw it in the trash.

Fortunately for me, my in-laws didn't toss this one......

Inaugural Addresses - Commemorative Edition (Seal of the President of the United States 1973)

Courtesy of Jim Keysor who was running for California State Senator in 1973

I, of course, never heard of the guy.  A quick Google revealed that he lost his bid for California State Senator.   He had a few other races throughout the '70's.   He withdrew from a Los Angeles City Council race in 1977 with this quote.

"I would have lost if I won and would have lost if I lost."

A great rock and roll lyric if I ever heard one.

And I wonder what the market must have been for records like this.  For a fee, I't looks like one could order custom back covers.  I would expect to see a generic label, but I see Jim Keysor on the label as well.  That must have cost extra.

Nobody gets records  -or pot holders for that matter  - from candidates anymore.  I got a Bernie Sanders record, but I had to pay for it and now get tons of unwanted emails.