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Sunday, May 28, 2017

RIP Greg Allman

This weekend we lost Greg Allman.  Greg, along with his brother Duane, defined the genre of 'Southern Rock.'  Often imitated by lesser talents like Lynyrd Skynyd, Wet Willie and others, they we never topped.

Duane was a well regarded guitarist who could hold his own with Eric Clapton in Derek & The Dominoes.  Prior to the Allman's first record, he was the lead guitarist on many a Muscle Shoals session.  Including, but not limited to, Aretha Franklin's recording of Respect.

With a lineup consisting of two drummers, two guitarists, organ and drums, their marathon early live shows were the legendary.

So here's their first record.

The Allman Brothers Band (ATCO 1969)

Recorded in just a few days in 1969, the record shows Duane's guitar and Greg's vocal chops fully formed.  It was not a hit.

It wasn't until a few years later with their third release, the classic Live at the Fillmore Easy, would they attain the attention they deserved.

The back cover features bass player Berry Oakley watching over the rest of the band like some sort of angel..  Didn't quite work out as expected.  Only two of the original six members survived to this day.  Two died by motorcycle, one by suicide and one by a life of hard living.

For the gatefold, the band was persuaded to pose for a naked shot in a stream.  This was 1969 and  what all good hippies did after Woodstock.   Butch Trucks had stitches at the time and couldn't sit down.  I hope there weren't leeches.

This record contains 'Whipping Post,' the most requested song at any rock concert - by any band - for years to come.