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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dave Mason - Alone Together

Dave Mason was in the original lineup of Traffic.  Supposedly he quit and rejoined the band like 'a fiddlers elbow.'  This resulted in exclusion from the front cover of Traffic's US debut 'Mr. Fantasy' (even though he played on it) only to reappear on their second eponymous album a few months later.

So when Traffic broke up the first time, Steve Winwood formed Blind Faith with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and some other guy.   The egos of the supergroup soon clashed.  Winwood set out to make a solo album.  Eventually he called in Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi from the original Traffic lineup to help out with the sessions.  The result is the classic Traffic LP 'John Barleycorn Must Die.'  Dave was not involved.

He filled his time by playing on Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland and George Harrison's All Things Must Pass.  He joined Delaney and Bonnie's band with Eric Clapton.  And he managed to put out one great classic LP.

Dave Mason  - Alone Together (Blue Thumb 1970)

The lineup consists of Delaney and Bonnie's core band, most of whom would tour with Joe Cocker and backup Eric Clapton's first few solo albums over the next year or two.

The packaging was unique at the time.   In the store it looked like a simple package with Dave posing in front of some rocks - probably in Chatsworth, CA.   Fake graffiti appears above him.

But when you get it home.....

You get bowling ball vinyl.

And the cover folds out the reveal a godlike Dave looming over the entire thing.

I got this record when my sister found Jesus in the early '70's.   She gave me her stash telling me I'd grow out of it.  It didn't happen.  She and Jesus soon parted.  This record and I are still 'Alone Together.'