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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Restoring a Dust Cover on a Technics SL-D2 Part 1

I run Technics SL-D2's on my systems.   They're great little workhorses.  Ugly as shit, but they work real hard at sonic personality and always pull through.  When I see beat up ones for sale on the cheap, I snag 'em.  In addition to the two online, I Frankenstiened together one from parts for my daughter.  I'm in the process of pulling together two more.  

The dust covers are usually the most beat up part.  The acrylic is prone to scratches.   Let's face it.  The top of a dust cover is a free flat surface.  Previous owners put their keys on it when they walked int the door.  They're also a victim of the era (late '70's).  I have seen many with melted burn spots on them.  Light a match for the bong, place it on the dust cover while it's still hot.   I'll get into how to restore scratched beat up covers to their original clear luster later.

We'll start with the hinges.

If you can't attach this thing, why bother with the polishing.  The plastic hinges are usually the first to go.   

They must be sanded off.  I got this hasp drill bit that works wonders.  Grind away for while and it it will become completely flat.   Safety tip - wear glasses as shards of plastic fly everywhere.  Marital bliss tip - do it outside as shards of plastic fly everywhere.

Metal hinges can be obtained on eBay or use The Google.  Much sturdier than the plastic ones.   Line them up, drill holes in the acrylic and attach.  (That crack was there before)

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