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Why should I care what this guy has to say?

The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Develop your own. I try to be sane and rational, but that may change with the level of caffeine intake. I’m just telling my stories in the hopes they may amuse and/or inform others. And... I Confess... I'm showing off my bitchen collection a bit.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine from Elvis Costello

On Valentine's Day 1979 I went to an Elvis Costello concert at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA.   It wasn't a full on arena show. The venue was cut in half and the stage was moved halfway up the floor.

Upon exit from the concert, each atttendee was handed a 45 of Elvis doing 'My Funny Valentine' pressed on red wax.  A nice surprise and very thoughtful to give it out after.  A lot of them would have been wrecked if they were given out at the beginning.