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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monkees for Resident

.....In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that is.

The naysayers say they didn't play their own instruments.   Well, they at least participated instrumentally.  Probably more so than The Beach Boys.   Mike Nesmith was an accomplished guitar player and songwriter before the Monkees began.   He wrote 'Different Drum' for The Stone Ponies.

Peter was performing on the folkie coffee house circuit.  Mickey and Davey were accomplished actors.  Davey from musical theater and Mickey from television.

So what if their beginnings and the push behind their records was a TV show and not exclusively music.  It's the end result that counts.  

Are they getting in on personality alone?  How about any of today's celebrity performers.  It's not the records that got them there, it's all the videos and personal appearances that did.  In other words, all the things that have nothing to do with making a memorable record.  I'm looking at you Madonna.

The naysayers say they were manufactured and didn't have much control over their career.  The same would go for The Ronettes, The Supremes or any of the other Motown/Spector groups that have already been admitted.  By the time their series ended and they produced 'Head,' they were calling their own shots.

They even occasionally wrote their own material.  Can't say the same for current members Dusty Springfield, Diana Ross, or Elvis Presley!

They had an impressive chart presence and rivaled The Beatles here in the USA.

They pioneered the development of 'music video.'  Check out some clips below:

A standard performance 'rock video' with some interesting camera work.  And for you naysayers - follow Mike's fingers, he's playing the right notes.

They got trippy in Black and White

They hobnobbed with the best of the counterculture

And here's one written by Mike Nesmith.   A track later covered by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

And they made decent, memorable records.  Here are some picture sleeves I've acquired over the years.

So come one RRHF!  You've let some pretty crappy people in over the years.  The Monkees may be the band with the most hits that's still not in.  (Well that honor just might go the Three Dog Night).  Rock and Roll records come from many backgrounds and influences.  Blues, Country, Folk, etc.  What's the problem when then have a background in show business?!

I can give you a list of a few to throw out of the hall if you need some room.