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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Herman's Hermits can Rock just like the big boys.

I never knew Herman's Hermits could rock!
This record came in box of 300 45's that I bought blind on eBay.  No titles were listed, but I could see by the photo that it was an era I was interested in.

The A-Side of this 45 is a cover of  The Kinks' Dandy.  But when you flip it over......

..... you get the rockinest Herman's Hermits song I've ever heard.  To these ears it sounds like the early Rolling Stones.   Not bad for a band that is known for cutesy teenage angst ballads with a cutesy lead singer.   They were a British Invasion band, but in some respects could be looked upon as the One Direction of their day.

Here's a clip of them doing it on some German TV show.  It's pretty awesome, but the record is even rockiner....