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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

REM Goes Green

In 1989 REM released their Green album on Warner Brothers.  This is the record that launched them from college rock darlings to indie rock godfathers. 

Of course there were a few singles.  Of course they offered up a few non-album B-Sides.

REM - Stand b/w Memphis Train Blues (Warner Brothers 1989)

This one sported a cover of a young Michael Stipe running or something.  The back featured a young shirtless Peter Buck

 The label featured a pinwheel. Fitting with the carnival nature of the song.  The B-Side is about 40 seconds long.


REM - Get Up b/w Funtime  (Warner Brothers 1989)

The second single from the album.  the B-Side is cover from Iggy Pop's The Idiot album.  The B-Side was recorded and mixed in four minutes.


REM - Pop Song 89 (Album Version) b/w Pop Song 89 (Acoustic Version)

And then one more without a picture sleeve.  B-side is an acoustic take of the A-Side