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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Columbia Records Manifesto

I enjoy company issued inner sleeves.  Not quite as much as custom ones, but more than blank generic ones.  Below is a late '60's company sleeve from Columbia records touting why records are your best entertainment.  Not sure what impending competition was.  Were 8-Tracks about to kill music like home taping.

For those who prefer larger text, here's what it says:

Here's How Records Give You More Of What You Want:

  • The Best For Less. Records give you top quality for less money than any other recorded form.
  • They Allow Selectivity Of Songs And Tracks. With records it's easy to pick out the songs you want to play, or to play again a particular song or side. All you have to do is lift the tone arm and place it where you want it. You can't do this as easily with anything but a phonograph record.
  • They're The Top Quality In Sound. Long-playing phonograph records look the same now as when they were introduced in 1948, but there's a world of difference. Countless refinements and developments have been made to perfect the long-playing records' technical excellence and insure the best in sound reproduction and quality available in recorded form.
  • They'll Give You Hours Of Continuous And Uninterrupted Listening Pleasure. Just stack them up on your automatic changer and relax.
  • They're Attractive, Informative And Easy To Store. Record albums are never out of place. Because of the aesthetic appeal of the jacket design, they're beautifully at home in any living room or library. They've also got important information on the backs--about artists, about the performances or about the program. And because they're flat not bulky, you can store hundreds in a minimum space and still see every title.
  • If It's In Recorded Form, You Know It'll Be Available On Records. Everything's on long-playing records these days...your favorite artists, shows, comedy, movie sound tracks, concerts, drama, documented history, educational material...you name it. This is not so with any other kind of recording.
  • They Make A Great Gift. Everybody you know loves music. And practically everyone owns a phonograph. Records are a gift that says a lot to the person you're giving them to. And they keep on remembering.

And Remember...It Always Happens First On Records.