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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Hanukkah from Bob Booker

Bob Booker and George Foster are best known for the comedy album 'The First Family' from 1963. That album was huge.  It snagged the Grammy for album of the year and is probably the most common find in thrift stores to this day.

Following the success of the album, the pair launched into a series of Jewish themed comedy albums. To some these may appear slightly anti-Semitic. Given the cast, I would venture to say this falls under the 'It's OK if WE do it' category.

Noted participants are Jack Gilford (better known as the Cracker Jack Guy), Lou Jacobi (best remembered as the cross dresser from Woody Allen's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex) and Beatrice Arthur (Maude).

Below are a few covers.  There are many others.  

You Don't Have to be Jewish  (Kapp 1965)

The Yiddish are Coming!  The Yiddish are Coming!  (Verve 1967)

For those of you not around in the late '60's, the cast is sporting the distinctive trendy eyewear worn by then Israeli prime minister Moshe Dayan.   The album features the cowboy ballad 'The Man With the Black Patch Over His Eye.' 

Also in the cast was Barry Newman who would later rise to cult hero status with his starring role in 'Vanishing Point.'  One of those (drive real fast-loner-snub your nose at society-drug use-topless women-rock soundtrack) Easy Rider knockoffs that were so popular around 1970.

The Jewish American Princess (Bell 1971)