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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Phil Manzanera Sets Out on His Own

Phil Manzanera is the guitarist for Roxy Music.  As with most bands fronted by a singer/songwriter, the other guys in the band get a co-writing credit here or there, but rarely step out in front.

Solo albums by these musicians sometimes can leave a lot to be desired.  Not so with Phil Manzanera.  His first solo album is presented here....

Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head  (Island 1975)

I picked this one up when the UK EG records catalog was switched from Island to Polydor.  Island pressings of the EG catalog items began showing up in US bargain bins.

The albums features contributions from all members of Roxy Music save for Bryan Ferry.  Eno contributes two great tunes - Big Day and Miss Shapiro.  In addition, contributions also come from Phil's prior band, Quiet Sun.  We also get John Wetton from King Crimson and Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine.

The basic lineup of Eno and Quiet Sun set out for a series of shows in the UK which resulted in the live album 801 Live

Phil doesn't sing on this one.  Vocals are provided by Eno and John Wettton, among others.

This is one my favorite solo albums from the Roxy Music cannon.  It gets more turntable time that all the Bryan Ferry ones combined.  Highly recommended.