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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BOWIE - 'Heroes' and the Berlin Trilogy

In attempt to clean up in 1976, David Bowie and Iggy Pop moved to Berlin to escape the cokey scene in Los Angeles.

The two lived together in an apartment overlooking the Berlin Wall.  It was a short bike ride to the studio.  Here Bowie, away from the watchful eye of his record label, reinvented himself once again.

The first record to come out of this arrangement was Low in 1977.

Next up came 'Heroes' in 1978.

Looks like I got this one at Licorice Pizza.

The musicians consist of his basic backing band from the Thin White Duke tour - with the extra added bonus of Eno and Robert Fripp (from King Crimson).   Much like Low, the record is split into a loud and quiet side.  This time out however, the quiet side is much louder than on the previous record.  The title track would become one of Bowie's many signature tunes.

The 'Berlin Trilogy' was completed with the release of Lodger in 1979.

As was my habit at the time, here's a timely newspaper clipping for a gig at The Forum in Inglewood, CA.   I went the first night and sat in section 30, Row 9, seat 9.   $9.75.  Highway robbery! Recordings from this tour would later make up the live album Stage.