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Saturday, January 23, 2016

BOWIE - Let's Dance with a New Record Company

Another year. Another Bowie reinvention.

Bowie had just signed to EMI after a long stint with RCA that saw him through many artistic changes.

In 1983 Let's Dance (EMI America, 1983) came on the scene.

Looks like I got this one at Lovell's in Uptown Whittier, CA.

The album was produced by disco funkmaster Nile Rodgers.   The sound is upbeat and danceable.  The band features a young Texas bluesman, Stevie Ray Vaughn, who brought a cutting edge guitar sound to offset the funk.

This record was to become Bowie's top selling album.

Artistically, Bowie didn't know what to do with the success.  He tried to duplicate this record with the dismal Tonight the following year.  An artistic slump followed. Bowie himself referred to the following years as his 'Phil Collins period.'    In my humble opinion, he didn't emerge from it until Black Tie White Noise in 1993.

Bowie toured this album extensively .  As was my habit at the time, I saved a concert ad from the tour,   I went on April 15th and sat in section 7. Row 10, Seat 14.

The ad did not lie.  There were no more shows added to the engagement.   Bowie returned to the area a few months later to play Anaheim Stadium.