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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Leon Russell Rarity

Leon Russell's first solo album was released on his own Shelter Records in 1970.  Russell, a longtime session player in Hollywood, musically returned to his Oklahoma roots with a white gospel tinged sound for his debut.  The sound was influential to many bands in the early seventies.  The Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, George Harrison and Derek & The Dominoes clearly drew inspiration from the sound Russell pioneered.   

At the time of this release, Shelter was distributed by Blue Thumb Records.  Sometime around 1971. Distribution of Shelter product went to Capitol Records.   This title was immediately reissued on Capital at the time of the switch, but they left something out.

One short track, Old Masters, didn't make the cut.  The track was Dylan's Masters of War sung to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner.