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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Roxy Music B-Sides - Part 2

Here we go with part 2 of Roxy Music singles.

After the hiatus which began in 1976, Roxy Music reconvened for part 2 of their career in 1979.  The band continued the tradition of releasing singles with non - LP B-sides.  This time 'round we got picture sleeves as well.

First release was Manifesto from which our first single was pulled.

Trash 2 (B-Side of Trash)

With cover art that mimicked the LP cover, mannequins were now featured instead of cheesecake models.  The A side is an uptempo number pulled from the LP.  The B-Side is a slow dreamlike version of the same song.

A year later, Roxy Music released Flesh + Blood.

Pulled from that album we get the following:

South Downs (B-Side of Oh-Yeah)

South Down is just Bryan Ferry doodling on a synthesizer.  Boring as all hell.  Only for completists (like me).

Manifesto (demo) (B-Side of Over You)

Next up we get a little oddity.  The label is blank.  At first I thought this was a misprint of some kind, but now I see they're all like this.    The B Side is a demo version of Manifesto performed with a drum machine.  Sounds a bit like a Prince outtake.

And yet another one pulled from Flesh + Blood.

Lover (B-Side of Same Old Scene)

B Side is a typical Ferry song for the the time.  Very reminiscent of their next album Avalon

In 1980, John Lennon was murdered.  Roxy Music was one of the first out of the box with a tribute by recording Jealous Guy.  A one-off single was released.

Jealous Guy b/w To Turn You On.

In 1982, Roxy Music released their final LP, Avalon.  The sound is now dreamlike and mellow.   Gone are the rough edges.  This would turn out to be their biggest selling record.

It also spawned a few singles with B-Sides.

Always Unknowing (B-Side of Avalon)

Next up  - two more 45's with B-Sides pulled from the LP, but shown here for their picture sleeves.