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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Who Hits 50. Farewell to the Who....

In anticipation of seeing The Who this time around, I showed a recent setlist to my 15 year old.  I'm very proud to say she knew all but two songs.  The two she didn't know were from Face Dances and It's Hard.   This led to a hankering to pull It's Hard from the shelf.  Since I had a habit of throwing timely newspaper ads and such into LPs, It just so happened I had a concert ad for The Who's Farewell Tour - FROM 1982!

They've been back many times since.  It was general admission,  I was there,  The Clash opened - one of their last gigs with Mick Jones.

Not the first, but a very early tour linked to corporate sponsorship.

Between Schlitz and The Who - one of these companies is out of business.  I'm scheduled to see The Who this week at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.