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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pearl Jam in Three Colors

In 1994, the CD boom was in full swing.  Major labels weren't pressing that much stuff on vinyl.  Many LP's were not released in the format.

An exception was Pearl Jam.  Their second and third albums, Vs and Vitalogy respectively, were released on vinyl in advance of the CD issue.

The singles pulled from Vitalogy shared their joy of vinyl.  A joy that was rare at the time.

Pearl Jam - Spin the Black Circle b/w Tremor Christ (Epic 1994)

The single was a throwback to the Epic label design that was retired in the '70's.  The song is an obvious tribute to records.  This time we get the classic yellow design..

Pearl Jam - Immortality b/w Rearviewmirror (credited to The Frogs)  (Epic 1994)

This time in blue with a hole to show the label.

Pearl Jam - Not For You b/w Out of My Mind  (Epic 1994)

This time in red - with no depiction of the label on the sleeve

Interestingly enough on these, the A Sides say they're from the Epic album 'Life' which is incorrect.  The album cited should have been Vitalogy.