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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tommy James Doesn't Have and Ego Problem

Tommy James - Christian of the World  (Roulette 1971)

Tommy James' second solo album features this jaw dropping cover.   The album features the hit 'Draggin' the Line.'   

I'm not sure what's going on.  He thinks he's Jesus I guess.   Take a good look at the cover.  First off, his followers are not holding actual crosses.  They have little 'X's much like the things puppetmasters work with.   I would have been odd to follow Jesus around with a cross anyway.  Think following Caryl Chessman around with a gas chamber.  Think following Micheal Jackson around with a vial of propofol.

His followers are actually wrapped in bedsheets.  I'm sure they didn't have designer flower print clothing in the first century.

The scene continues on to the back cover.  Here we have flower bedsheet follower pulling a knife on a baby.

Just in case you didn't think Tommy James was divine, we get a soft focus shirtless cheesecake picture on the inner sleeve.