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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bob Dylan's Christmas Album

In 2009, Bob Dylan threw yet another monkey wrench at those who tried to pigeonhole him.  This is nothing new in his evolution as an artist.  Many shocking changes color his career from early on.  Going electric to piss off the folkies.  Going into hiding to piss of those who wanted more and more from him.  Going country to piss off those who thought he had the answer.  Going Christian to piss off just about everybody.  Going to the standards catalog to piss off those who wanted more songwriting, etc etc.

In 2009 he released a ....gasp..... Christmas Album.   This here promotional single was available if you bought the CD from Bobdylan.com

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa b/w The Night Before Christmas  (Columbia 2009)

A rollicking song that should be place alongside 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' by Brenda Lee as a holiday favorite.

Packaging was pure vintage Columbia.

And it came in Christmas-y red vinyl.

As an added bonus, we get Dylan reciting 'The Night Before Christmas' on the B-Side

Have a listen.