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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The Mothers of Invention - Mothermania The Best of the Mothers (Verve 1968)

I've been looking for this title for quite some time.   (yes, I know I could have probably just popped  onto EBay and snatch it up, but that's no fun).  It's a greatest hits compilation delivered to Verve records by Zappa as a lovely parting gift (aka contractual obligation)

So why would an obsessive record collector such as myself search out a greatest hits record when I have all the original Verve albums already?   There are a few reasons.

This record was compiled and remixed by Frank Zappa.  The mixes are hotter than the originals on Freak Out, Absolutely Free and We're Only In It for The Money.

There is a different version of The Idiot Bastard Son.

and - after the photo of the back cover - all in German.

During the compilation process, Zappa snuck in the censored verse in Mother People which was replaced by a snippet from Lumpy Gravy on We're Only In It For the Money.   Not sure if anyone from the record company noticed or if they didn't care at this point.

Verse goes.....

Better look around before you say you don't care
Shut your fucking mouth about the length of my hair
How would you survive
If you were alive
Shitty little person

As an aside, Verve made them add 'Of Invention' to their original name 'The Mothers'  Judging by the front cover, they didn't care about this anymore either.

The inner gatefold shows the mouths of the band.

And on the original Verve label.