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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Other Side of The Doors

The Doors were primarily an album band.  Singles were scarce.  Even scarcer were the Non-LP B Sides.   I'm only aware of two released during their existence.

Wishful Sinful b/w Who Scared You  (Elektra 1969)

The second single from their poorly received The Soft Parade LP.  The first single, Touch Me, was a hit.  This one - not so much.  Seems The Doors tried to expand their sound with a horn section.  It didn't resonate so much with the fans.

Who Scared You was not included on the album.

The Doors returned to their blues roots for their final album, LA Woman, in 1971.  It was a big hit.  Jim Morrison's death shortly after its release certainly didn't hurt sales.   The first single pulled from the album contained a Non LP B Side.

Love Her Madly b/w (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further  (Elektra 1971)

The B side covers of a Willie Dixon composition.  Vocal by Ray Manzarek. 

My cringing at this label shouldn't go unnoticed.   The '70's sure produced some doozies.  Most companies who tried to 'modernize' their labels ended up reverting to a more classic design (Capitol, RCA, Warner Brothers).  Perhaps I'll post on that later.

And then we get a posthumous bonus.

Jim Morrison Music by The Doors  - Roadhouse Blues b/w (really who cares?)  (Elektra 1971)

After Morrison's death, The Doors tried to carry on.  They released two more albums that ruled the used bins for most of the decade.   As a money grab, they found a tape of 'rock god' Jim Morrison reading poetry.  They set out to record background music and make it appear to be full fledged Doors album.   There was one heretofore unreleased live Doors track tacked on the make people shell out for the album.  Fortunately for those of us that didn't buy into the concept, the one track was released as a single.

Note how Elektra reverted to a more classic design.