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Monday, August 13, 2018

RIP Series - Lorrie Collins

As is the case when someone passes who isn't a mainstream star, I don't find out about it until I see it in the British music magazines or Goldmine.

Lorrie Collins died this week at the age of 72.  She was half of an electrifying rockabilly duo from the '50's,

Lorrie and Larry Collins - The Collins Kids.   A brother/sister act that started when Lorrie was about 13 and Larry about 10.   Lorrie did most of the singing.  Larry was an ace guitarist  - even as a child.

Check out this clip.

The guy just rips through this thing.  This was before 'guitar hero.'

Hailing from Oklahoma, they relocated to Los Angeles rather than Nashville.  While in LA, they became regulars on Tex Ritter's Ranch Party.

Here's a clip of them doing Shake Rattle and Roll.  I doubt Lorrie understands the true meaning of the line 'I'm like a one eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store.'   As usual Larry tears it up.

Their records were hard to come by in their original state.  They were signed to Columbia.  I only have a CD compilation.

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