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Thursday, July 14, 2016

West Coast Punk - The Plugz

To the best of my knowledge, The Plugs were the first of the Los Angeles punk bands to release an LP.

The Plugz - Electrify Me  (Plug Recordz 1979)

They were a Chicano band from east LA.  Saw them many times back in the day.  They (along with Los Lobos) opened for Public Image Ltd at the notorious Olympic Auditorium gig in 1980.

The first album was a DIY affair pressed on their own label and pretty much only available at gigs or more adventurous record emporiums around Los Angeles.

The sound is raw and strangely enough melodic amped up power trio music

They released one more album as The Plugz before signing to Arista.  There they changed their name to Los Cruzados and listened to record company advice to record a few over produced slick LP's.  Too bad.