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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Black Randy

This virus thing has changed everything.   I'm working from home - and seem to be working more than ever.  Although in many cases I'm able to play records while working, I haven't really had the time to update this here blog thing.   It's now a Sunday afternoon and I'm revisiting a bunch of half done posts......

So here's one about LA Punk Black Randy.....

Contrary to mainstream perception, punk rock in the early days was not about violence and silly clothes.  The early punk in Los Angeles comprised itself of performance artists, disaffected youth and regular folks bored with corporate rock.  A major fact that eludes the perception about the scene is that it possessed a sense of humor.   A fine example is Black Randy and the Metro Squad.  

Black Randy was a dumpy white guy who thought it would be fun to form a punk band.  Was it a joke?  Who knows?   Who cares?  The records were a lot of fun.  Here's a few from the colletion:

Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Idi Amin EP (Dangerhouse 1978)

Black Randy and The Metro Squad  - Trouble at the Cup b/w Loner With a Boner/Sperm Bank Baby (Dangerhouse 1977)

Enjoy a Video of their single 'I Slept in an Arcade'

They managed to release one album.  The cover is an obvious homage to Bowie's Hunky Dory....

Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie  (Dangerhouse 1979)

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