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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bowie 'heroes' In Any Other Language

Every so often, a pop star will decide to offer up their songs in different languages.  The Beatles did it with I Want to Hold Your Hand an She Loves You.   The Rolling Stones did it with As Tears Go By.

English is the official language of rock and roll much like Italian is the official language of opera.  Sure there are variations, but thery're not the norm.  Any non-English records that gain traction in the USA are usually novelty songs.  

So Bowie did this in the 70's with 'heroes'

Bowie - 'heroes' (Chante en Francais) b/w V-2 Schneider.  

Looking very French on the picture sleeve

Bowie - Helden b/w V-2 Schneider

Vocal in German.  Bowie looking very Teutonic on the picture sleeve

I wish there was one in Spanish.