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Sunday, January 18, 2015

West Coast Punk - The Mutants

The Mutants from San Francisco.  Fronted by three lead singers.  One older gentleman, and two mismatched women.  One tall and skinny.  One short and wide.   I saw them share a microphone once. 

They were one of the bands from the Bay Area that were part of the cultural exchange of punk bands to Los Angeles.

As with most of the pre-hardcore punk bands, they had a sense of humor.  They definitely had a sense of fun.  In fact, their first (and only) album was called 'Fun Terminal.'  A name they took from an arcade across the street from the downtown San Francisco bus terminal.

They never really had mainstream success.  Their album was only released in Canada.  They went their separate ways soon after.

Below is their first EP.  It wasn't easily available in Los Angeles.  I had a friend in Berkeley assist in procuring it for me.

The Mutants - New Drug b/w Insect Lounge/New Dark Ages.  (415 1978)

This one plays at 33 1/3.  Seems a little odd to watch it play.

And some clips to show just how much fun they were.