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Sunday, January 4, 2015

George Harrison's Bangla-Desh Single

In 1970, things weren't going so well in Bangla-Desh.  Flooding, Famine, Poverty, etc.  George Harrison was one of the first rock stars to use his notoriety for the common good.  This single was released and he organized The Concert for Bangla-Desh.  

Below is the picture sleeve.   A slight departure from having cheesecake models.  The sleeve soon disappeared and the single was available in the standard Apple packaging.   

It was not a huge hit.  Most fans know it only as the closing number of the live concert album.  This is a studio take produced by Harrison and Phil Spector.

Bangla-Desh b/w Deep Blue (Apple 1971)

The single I have was number H-13 in someone's collection.  Wondering if H-1 was by Herman's Hermits.

And someone in the mastering lab decided to write Hari Krishna on the dead wax.

I saw Mr. H live in 1974 - his only US tour. He blew his voice out a few gigs into it.  We in the audience collectively held our heads low like bad schoolboys after being chastised for requesting this song.   "You can't just scream 'Bangla-Desh'"    We should have requested 'Whipping Post' instead.