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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dylan - Blood on the Tracks

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (Columbia 1975)

Considered by some to Dylan's best post motorcycle accident album.  

This record marked a return to Columbia after a brief detour to Asylum Records to help David Geffen's ego.  It seemed an odd pairing to see Dylan on anything other than Columbia.  

Originally it was released with liner notes by Pete Hammill printed in black type on the dark maroon background.  (I don't have this version).

Someone didn't like it.  The liner notes were replaced by a painting on the back cover.  This version is the rarest as it didn't last very long.

Well, soon thereafter, the liner notes won a Grammy.  They were then restored in easy to read white type.  The layout is the same as the black type original version.  This one is the most common.