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Saturday, May 9, 2015

West Coast Punk - The Deaf Club

The the late '70's, there was a club in San Francisco that hosted punk rock bands called the The Deaf Club.  This wasn't some sort of creative punk rock kind of name, it was actually a Deaf Club.   A long established gathering place for the hearing impaired. They didn't mind the loud music.  Ordering from the bar was easier than other clubs where you had to rely on voice while the band was playing.  

There was a live album released of a few bands that played there.  The Dead Kennedy's, The Offs, KGB, Pink Section (a female band named after the entertainment section of the Sunday newspaper), Ralph Records recording artists Tuxedomoon,  and my own personal favorites The Mutants are featured on:

Can You Hear Me?  Music from the Deaf Club (Optional/Walking Dead 1979)