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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Who on Atco

What are the Who doing on ATCO?  I have no idea.  They were on Decca before this and remained on that label until it was sucked up by MCA in the mid 70's.  

For some reason, this one single was released on ATCO in 1966.

The Who - Substitute b/w Waltz for Pig (ATCO 1966)

The version of Substitute featured here is different from the version that later appeared on Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy.  The instrumental breaks are in different places.  The line 'I look all white, but my dad was black' is replaced with 'I try going forward, but my feet walk back.'

The B-side is even more curious.  Although it's credited to The Who, the performance in an instrumental by The Graham Bond Organization.   It features Ginger Baker on Drums.  Evidently ATCO only had rights to one song, so they made the most of it.