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Monday, May 25, 2015

John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band vs Yoko Ono - Plastic Ono Band.

Plastic Ono Band

Lennon and Ono tended to release albums in pairs. Lennons Classic plastic Ono Band album was simultaneously released with Yoko's.  

The Lennon album is regarded as an artistic triumph. A deeply moving work with Lennon exorcising some demons and expressing a bit of anger.  The band is stripped down consisting only of Ringo, Lennon and Klaus Voorman.

The Yoko one (in my humble opinion) is awesome.  Side one consists of the same band turning it up to 11.  Side two is from a live gig with Ornette Coleman.

The covers are nearly identical. The same photo of the two of them under a tree - except  - Yoko is leaning against John on one and John is leaning against Yoko on the other.

Yoko Ono - Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band

The back covers were also similar.   Both featured a childhood picture of the artist.

And they each featured a white apple on the label..

I've had the Lennon one since it was released.  I think I got it a Gemco in Fullerton, CA.  The acquisition of the Yoko one has a bit of a backstory.

I used to go the the La Mirada Swapmeet on Saturday mornings.  I'd get a beer and apply for credit cards under fake names to get the free gifts.  Once my dog actually got a charge card for Sears.  

Anyway... There was a record vendor I visited regularly.  According the Clinton Heyland's Bootleg book, it was Ken from Rubber Dubber (the bootleg label).  I spied Yoko in the bins and needed it.  When I presented it for purchase I was warned 'You know that's the Yoko one, right.'   I knew, but thanks for asking.  

This is a great record to put on when it's time for guests to leave.