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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Record Care Tip - Never Leave Your Records Near the Phone

I'm a fan of Roy Wood.  He's one of those unsung musician geniuses.  He could and did play almost any instrument.  Cello, woodwinds, flute, drums, piano, etc.  He was the founder of The Move.  Jeff Lynne joined The Move for their last two albums.  Electric Light Orchestra was originally a side project of The Move.  Roy Wood had a different vision of ELO's direction.  Wood wanted to use classical instruments in a rock and roll sense with amplification, distortion, effects and whatnot.  Lynne felt the classical instruments should be used to enhance the rock and roll, not replace it.  Wood left ELO after their first album.  The Move never made another.

Roy Wood - Boulders (United Artists 1973)

This is his first solo album. He plays everything on it.  His records are neither that collectible nor easy to come by.  I found this one at a Goodwill in North Hollywood.  

Which brings me to the record care tip in the title.  If records are left near the phone, someone in the household who doesn't value your vinyl as much as you do may answer the phone.  They'll think it's OK to write on whatever when they're taking a message.  This copy of Boulders was a victim of this destructive person trying to do good.  They took a message and jotted it down on the front cover.