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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Band - Get Up Jake

In 1973, The Band put out Moondog Matinee.  The album consisted solely of cover versions of songs from the '50's.   

A single was released of Ain't Got No Home.  

What's interesting here is the B-Side.  A Robertson original entitled Get Up Jake.  A live version of this appeared on Rock of Ages.  Even though it says this version is from that album, it's not.  What we get is a studio take recorded during the sessions for their classic 2nd album  (officially self titled, but known to fans as the brown one).

Get Up Jake features a verse taken by each of the three singing members.  Levon Helm takes the first one, Rick Danko takes the second and Richard Manuel takes the third.  On the studio version, there are no instrumental breaks.  The live version on Rock of Ages is expanded slightly to include a guitar solo by Robbie Robertson and an organ solo by Garth Hudson.  On that version, which is around three minutes long, each member of The Band gets a spotlight for about 20 seconds apiece.   It's a good introduction to all the members for those who aren't familiar.